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confusion around Little Gem nebula
I was recently working with the H400 list specifically in Sagittarius and may have found a little error. There is an object called "Little Gem" (that is its Primary designation, secondary is ngc 6818 RA:  19h 43m 57.8s, Dec: −14° 9′ 11.9″ . Yet Googling NGC 6818 describes this as a planetary Nebula in Sagittarius and it is not known as the Little Gem nebula or any 'name' at all. The name/designation "Little Gem" is assigned to NGC  6445 (RA:  17h 49m 15s, Dec:−20° 00′ 35″), at least per wikipedia. 

The more I use your  software the more deeply I appreciate your programming skills and the way your software works. Im really interested in version 4 Visual and looking forward to its release.

Thank You,
Leif Edmondson

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confusion around Little Gem nebula - by Leif406 - 2019-09-07, 08:07 PM

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