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M102 "Unable to Schedule"
Hi Greg,

UPDATE:  I found the problem.  The Progress status in the Scheduler page shows 80%, but the Progress in the Project dialog shows 100% on all filters.
So the issue appears to be that the % completion being used by the Scheduler was not updated when the Project completion status was updated ??
I did close and restart ST4 but no changes in % completion in the Scheduler tab.


Here's another head scratcher (I know you look forward to these :-) ).

M102, tonight.  Night bar in the Scheduler shows great imaging for M102 almost all night, bright green bar.

"Unable to schedule" message showing in the bottom "filters" window.

Other oddity - the blue imaging quality line extends at a high value well into daylight - but if you hover the mouse over the nightbar, it says completely dark to 4:47AM so some aspect of ST4 knows what time night 

M63, right above M102 in the list, shows a similar night bar but it can be scheduled.


Let me know if I can provide any other info to help you figure this out.  

Hopefully not a dumb mistake on my part but I've stared at this a while and I can't see anything.


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