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Creating/Exporting Obstructed Horizon?

You can enter the longitude and latitude in a variety of formats, including decimals. There is even a facility to copy/paste coordinate from Google Earth, which may also work with Google Maps. When you get to the New Location dialog, click the Help button for data entry details.

Regarding your obstructed horizon, you can copy the files manually:

1. Create your new location
2. Create a simple obstructed horizon for it. We on't actually be using it.
3. Find your "SkyTools 4" folder in your Documents.
4. Locate the subfolder names "horizons". This is where your obstructed horizon data is stored.
5. You will see file names that are based on your location names. Note that sometimes special characters are inserted when the location has illegal file name characters in it.
6. Copy the file matching the original location such that it replaces the file for new location.

There are many different ways to do step 6. One way would be to make a copy of the original file (lets call it Home.bin). Right-click on it in file explorer, drag it a bit, and select Copy here. You will get a duplicate file with "Copy" added to the name. Alter the name of file for the new location (lets call it New.bin) by changing the file name extension from .bin to something else (maybe New.old). Then rename "Home -Copy.bin" to New.bin. There are probably better ways to do that. If there are special characters in the file name (e.g. #) make sure they are copied properly.
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