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Creating/Exporting Obstructed Horizon?
I have a fairly restricted viewing area at home. Because of this I Looked for and found the obstructed horizon feature. I think I have it created fairly close to reality. You certainly can see the effect when you select an object and the red line in the Night Bar abruptly ends. 

The problem is I may have to create another home location. I manually entered the GPS coordinates. SkyTools uses Degrees, minutes, seconds instead of the decimal numbers given in google maps which is what I used for my city. I can probably select a city within 20 miles, but I would really like to understand manual GPS entry. And of course obstructed horizons... 

Thanks for any help or tips. 


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Creating/Exporting Obstructed Horizon? - by gcisko - 2019-03-19, 08:53 PM

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