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Bitdefender Problems Continue
The anti-virus software Bitdefender has been wreaking havoc with SkyTools 4 Imaging installs, and is now doing the same with SkyTools 3. It is apparently removing or blocking database files during the installation of SkyTools. When started, SkyTools can fail in any number of strange ways. This has caused a great deal of trouble and cost me a lot of my time, reaching the point now where the first thing that I ask when a customer seeking support is what anti-virus is running.

If you run into obvious head-scratching problems soon after installation, please uninstall SkyTools. Delete the "SkyTools 3" or "SkyTools 4" folder in your Documents area. Disable Bitdefender. Re-install. Note that deleting these folders will delete all of your custom data, so I do not recommend doing so if you have spent a great deal of time configuring your instruments. If you don't want to lose your data, please contact me for support.

Database files are very unlikely to harbor dangers to your computer. But more to the point, it is unconscionable for Bitdefender to be removing or interfering with your database files without a big obvious warning to the user. The failure to do so means that I cannot recommend that SkyTools users continue to use Bitdefender. The anti-virus that comes with Windows is sufficient and does not interfere with the working of your software.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound

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