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Exposure calculator
Sorry for being late, internet was down here yesterday.

i will do some more test this eveneeng, i think i have to adapt to a different workflow, becouse ST is choose and forget-made, that it is not bad at all, but i have to export sequences on other software.

i have tested the manual settings and gives back different numbers. i will be more detailed in some hours. i think it is me that has to adapt, my current thinking is:

"given the ideal condition of no moon and perma-night, how many time does a project takes?"


M78 (example) project requires "X"hours, with shots of "Y" min/secs gain "Z", divided in ABCDE for Lrgb to reach a snr of "H" and a skyflux of "I". So i can plan to go to mountains one day and do L & R only and another travel for the rest..
67940 (random number) poses of 1 sec is not an option  Big Grin

The software does what i say up here, i think it is just a matter of time to learn from me.. if i would have an observatory i would just set and forget.. (it would split automatically between hours, moon and nights)

More to come... with screens. i had attempted M78 and M42 since they're on the good part of my sky here in venice Smile

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