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Where are Coordinates and PA after Composition and Tiles?
Hi Greg,

I'm feeling either dumb or blind... I've been using ST4 with my ACP Scheduler based system, and ST4 automatically sends the coordinates to ACP Scheduler so I never bothered to look for them.

Now, on my second mount, I am using SGP (and a few other tools) where for now, I have to manually type in the center of frame coordinates and position angle that I set up in the imaging project's Composition and Tiles panel.

I expected to find this information somewhere in the Scheduler page after I created my plan for the night, but I can't find it there.  Then I went back to the imaging projects for the projects that were scheduled for the night, and noticed I couldn't find it there either.

I tried clicking the Save Plan button in the Scheduler but nothing seems to be happening when I click that button.  

Thanks for any advice,

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Where are Coordinates and PA after Composition and Tiles? - by Rowland - 2018-12-02, 10:39 PM

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