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Feature request - Save plotted image
(2018-09-26, 05:06 AM)CsMisi Wrote: The camera view copy could be used as a work around but for some reason my camera view is presented as negative color and not all objects are annotated as in the interactive atlas. And also my camera rotation is not 100% the same as my settings in all my images as I rotate my camera for better framing on the go so re-saving the attached image with annotation would be more ideal. Of course, if this is easy to do. I don't want to ask for something ultra-complicated Wink (I'm a developer myself so I know how it is when somebody ask you some thing that you will spend days to implement it Big Grin )

1. The charts are all highly customizable. Use the Chart Preferences to change to a different prefences scheme, one with a black background, or create your own custom scheme.

2. Likewise, what is labeled, and how they are labeled is also highly customizable. Use the Labels tab of the View Controls to determine what kids of labels you want to see, and what the overall label density will be for each class of object.

3. You can't plot an image in the chart background unless it is plate solved, so it should not matter what the orientation was. You just need to rotate the camera view to match. If you can't rotate the camera view (this is done on the atlas) then you have the camera position angle set to fixed.

I will put this on my list of features to implement. Thanks for the feedback!
Clear skies,

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