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Eliminating Rectangles in Printed Finder Chart
Hi Jon,

Hard to say without more to go on. The Finder & Naked Eye views display rectangles that show the extent of the Eyepiece & Finder sections of the chart respectively. Those can be turned on/off in the View property settings. Refer to the HELP.

When I look at M11 using ST4v Pro (4j R16), I don't see any rectangles on the screen. I take it that this only occurs when you print all 3 charts, NE, Finder & EP. Does it also occur if you only print the EP chart?

Can you include a picture of what you're seeing? I think that would help.

Phil S.

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RE: Eliminating Rectangles in Printed Finder Chart - by PMSchu - 2022-09-20, 04:23 PM

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