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Not-so-close approach of (2100) Ra-Shalom

The light curve for this NEO is so flat that 'best night' doesn't really apply. It keeps brightnening until Sep 2, remaining at 14th mag until Sep 6 then slowly fading. It's also visible all night long in the northern hemisphere, though highest after midnight. It should be apparent in a 13" scope. Unfortunately it's not a fast mover due to the distance.

We were just buzzed by 2022 QA that passed within 0.002 AU yesterday. There was no warning for that one. At close approach it was moving at 10.8"/sec in Draco. It reached a predicted 16 magnitude in Cygnus in daylight.

Oh well, WAFLAF.

Phil S.

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RE: Not-so-close approach of (2100) Ra-Shalom - by PMSchu - 2022-08-17, 05:31 PM

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