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The MPC has switched to 2022 August 9 Epoch
Hi All,

The MPC has finally switched to using the epoch 2022 August 9 for their MP orbital elements in place of the 2022 January 21 epoch that they've been using since around October 2021. I just noticed that the CNEOS website had switched to the new epoch & suspected that the MPC had finally made the change. 

If you've downloaded the MPCORB file more than a week ago & have the 2022 Jan 21 epoch for your MP orbital elements, you might want to download the updated elements. There are ~1.2E6 objects in the file, if you download all of the object categories. SkyTools allows you to choose which types of MPs to download, if you don't want them all.

The 'Rarity' 2 close approach of (349068) 2006 YT13, a 0.496km rock is predicted to occur on July 19, but it will be 0.45 AU distant.

Another could arrive at any time though.

Phil S.

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The MPC has switched to 2022 August 9 Epoch - by PMSchu - 2022-06-13, 04:44 PM

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