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Recent finds not appearing in NEAs at Today's Epoch
Hi MP Hunters,

In the past 2 days, I've noticed that some newly discovered NEAs that are listed on JPLs CNEOS website: NEO Earth Close Approaches (

are not included in the MPC's data file of NEAs at Today's Epoch. The elements can be downloaded from MPC using the single MP option in ST4v, but then you get the elements for the standard epoch (currently 2022 Jan 21 0000UTC). Better than nothing, I suppose.

Two NEO that were missed were 2022 EG, yesterday & 2022 EQ today. 2022 EQ came within 0.00097 AU this morning. A really close pass.

There's not really much to be done about it. It's nice that SkyTools can get the orbital elements from MPC & will update the elements from the standard epoch with newer elements when they're available.

Phil S.

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Recent finds not appearing in NEAs at Today's Epoch - by PMSchu - 2022-03-03, 05:28 PM

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