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Beware Horizons Glitch
Got this email ~4pm today:

This was fixed earlier today.

Negative signs in time zone corrections of the form UT-xx were ignored after
a recent Horizons update enabling UT/TT vector table production.

Over Oct 16-18, they instead returned as UT+xx, as indicated in the output

Output for other zone correction forms 'UT*-' and 'UT+*', 'UTC*+*', and
'UTC*-*' were unaffected.

Thanks for pointing it out! Apologies the error.
Jon Giorgini | Navigation & Mission Design Section
Senior Analyst | Solar System Dynamics Group | Jet Propulsion Laboratory

When you do a search at Horizons for osculating elements, they always use UT exclusively. So no time correction will be excepted. Giorgini also sent a note to my warning at MLMP group.

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