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2021 TT1 for the Southern Hemisphere
Hi razvan,

This looks like one for you! Max brightness of 16.1 mag on the morning of Oct 10, but in daylight. I calculated the ephemeris for Siding Spring because I don't know where you're at in Australia. It's too far south for me & probably for BMD as well. This is a pretty good advanced warning. Usually they're right on top of us or past us like 2021 TV1 which also reached ~16 mag on Oct 3.

Today's DBPS search found 34 objects within 0.05 AU on Oct 9, another record. Perhaps the hunting is better now that the northern hemisphere has more dark time for the searches.

Good luck,

Phil S.

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2021 TT1 for the Southern Hemisphere - by PMSchu - 2021-10-06, 04:45 PM

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