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Attempt to View 2021 NA Last Night July 2
I've got to get better at this. I thought I might have had a chance to snag 2021 NA whizzing by last night (July 2 21:00-23:00CDT). I fetched MPC NEA Today (July 2) and did the ephem for time and date when close and bright. Showed best and apparent at 22:00 July 2. This small rock was moving over 900"/min but near the limit of scope plus there were some clouds moving in and out. Did not find it. Just now compared ephem with one from Horizons and position was different. Enough that I could have easily been looking 1.5° too far SE. I need to get better at this. It takes a lot of patience to track down and chase one of these faint fast movers.

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Attempt to View 2021 NA Last Night July 2 - by bigmasterdrago - 2021-07-03, 06:20 AM

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