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Example Question and Answer
The most successful questions explain what you want to accomplish in general. People often make assumptions in their questions and ask for a new feature or report that a feature doesn't do what they need it to do. It is far better to describe what you are trying to accomplish. Often the solution is there in the software, just not in the way you might imagine.

Example question:


I have a long observing list that I want to make shorter because it is taking too long to calculate on the Nightly Planner or Real Time tool. How do I make it shorter?


You can create a new list that includes only those objects that you can detect in your telescope. To do that, open the Nightly Planner. Turn off all of the filters. Sort the list by "Best Difficulty" with obvious at the top. Then click in the multiple selection (red check mark) column next to the top object. Scroll down to the last detectable object, hold the shift key, and click in the column next to that object. When you do that, red check marks should be set for all of the objects that are detectable.

Right-click on any red check mark and select "Copy Checked to..." and when the dialog appears, create a new list and complete the copy operation. This will create a list with just the objects that are detectable for your telescope.

You can also apply filters and follow a similar procedure to further narrow down the list, or to create a list meant for a specific night.
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