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Minor Planet (52768) 1998 OR2 Close approach
I ran an ephemeris on 1998 OR2 from March 31 00UT for 40 days. It looks to be using an epoch of May 30. The asteroid position on Apr 29 00UT shows 10h37m31.1s -20 17 14 from my location. This position compares favorably with that computed by Horizons of 10 37 21.83 -20 14 38.7 also for my location.
Even if this were a faint rock from space, with a speed of ~17"/min, the error in DEC of 3 arc minutes and 10 seconds of RA should not create a big issue in locating it.

Would not the greatest accuracy come from running the ephemeris from the epoch date of what ever elements we choose (get) and let the software work out the gravitational perturbations of the moon, earth and any other planets effecting the osculating elements? Don't those elements change somewhat with every time step?

Thanks Greg for the explanation.

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