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Update to version 4.x.11.07
Enables the version 4.1 upgrade of SkyTools Visual Pro, Standard, and Standard plus Real Time versions. This upgrade is early access, which means that those who have upgraded will enjoy the new features, such as support for EAA, as the are released. See the Upgrade Your Product menu item on the Setup menu for more information. Today's update also adds the first new Version 4.1 feature: support for images in the PNG file format.

The Upgrade Your Product feature shows all of the updates available to you. It does not show updates that you already own.

If you are wondering about version 4.1, here is the breakdown:

SkyTools Imaging and SkyTools Visual are two separate products. Each is being upgraded from version 4.0 to version 4.1

Version 4.1 of SkyTools Imaging was released last fall. Those who upgraded and own the bundle (with SkyTools Visual) also received the upgrade to SkyTools Visual 4.1 at no additional change.

Version 4.1 of SkyTools Visual is expected to be finished by the fall of 2024. The upgrade can be ordered now as early access, which means that you will receive the new version 4.1 features as they come out, rather than have to wait until the fall.

New purchases of SkyTools Imaging and SkyTools Visual have included the upgrade to version 4.1 for several months now, so you may already have version 4.1 of SkyTools Imaging, and/or early access to SkyTools Visual 4.1 

How can you tell if you already have SkyTools 4.1? Select About SkyTools from the Help menu and inspect your license. If it begins with 4.1 then you need not do anything further.
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