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OpenAstronomy log support - rbakay - 2018-01-11

Hello Greg!

I want to ask you to do support for the OpenAstronomy log. Today, many programs support this format. It is important for me to synchronize my notes and observations between SkyTools and SkySafari 6, as well as with other programs.

RE: OpenAstronomy log support - theskyhound - 2018-01-11


I have looked at this standard in the past, and spoken to the people who were developing it. I am sorry to say that we never saw eye to eye on what I feel are the most important aspects of an astronomy log standard. They were far too hung up on the data format, something I consider trivial, and not concerned enough with the astronomy. The primary issue is that without some sort of standard for object designations, there is no way to ensure that the logs are actually for the same object as they are shared between software. If you never go beyond the Messier there is no issue. But even the NGC has quite a few objects that are not designated consistently. When it comes to the fainter more obscure catalogs that SkyTools supports, well..., this just can't work in its present form. Even if that were somehow solved (the people who developed it simply ignored the issue) there is also the problem that SkyTools keeps more data and organizes it differently.

The bottom line is that sharing SkyTools logs via this format isn't feasible. I might look into importing them in the future, but it could only go the one way.