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AL Multiple Star List - orionbelt - 2024-05-25

Hello everyone,

I put together the AL Multiple Star Observing List that was ask in another thread. I am posting it here. Every multiple star include a couple of entries to get the whole system in the list. The brief includes one of the names for the system and the description of the pair that that entry is describing like: AB, AC, CD... In some cases the pair in the list are not in ST4 so I included the star by itself if I was able to identify it, and the data for that pair is included in the object description (as it is given in the AL Multiple Star List witch in a lot of occasions doesn't match with the ST4 data because of proper motion or orbits).

Clear skies,


EDITED: I resubmitted this list including the notes that were omitted in the original because of not checking the appropriate box.