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Close Approach of 2022 OE2 - PMSchu - 2022-07-28

This newly discovered NEO is predicted by CNEOS to make a close approach on August 4 00:26 ± 00:16 UT at 0.03471 AU distance. H=21.0, 'Rarity'=1, V(Relative)=32.18 km/sec.

Using MPC's orbital elements for 2022 July 28 00:00 UT, ST4v predicts that this NEO will reach a peak brightness of 16.0 magnitude on the evening of August 2-3 as seen from Brisbane, Australia when it will be moving southward through Indus at ~49"/min.

Here's an Interactive Atlas chart showing the predicted path of 2022 OE2 from Brisbane: [attachment=2441]

Hopefully the weather will be good for this event.

Phil S.

RE: Close Approach of 2022 OE2 - ledge1962 - 2022-07-29

Thanks Phil. I don't need to research them anymore, between you and BMD, we get all the info we need. Much appreciated both of you, now if you can do something about our weather in NZ... 

RE: Close Approach of 2022 OE2 - PMSchu - 2022-07-29

I suppose I could purchase some astro gear to attract the clouds to the northern hemisphere. There was flash flooding in Kentucky to our south recently, but fortunately we weren't affected.

The CNEOS website shows which NEOs are coming, but gives no clue to their brightness or location. I think BMD also checks the spaceweather site. The NEO 2022 OU2 will make a close approach soon, but I didn't get the elements with today's download from the MPC. I just checked & it's still not in the NEO datafile. It's a 'Rarity'=1 event, so it may be a good one.

Is your winter weather normally this bad?

Phil S.

RE: Close Approach of 2022 OE2 - PMSchu - 2022-07-30

Well it appears that 2022 OU2 is predicted to only reach peak brightness of 16.8 magnitude. Is anyone still interested in this object? It will be in Hercules.

Phil S.

RE: Close Approach of 2022 OE2 - ledge1962 - 2022-07-31

There is an old saying here in the winter Phil.  If you can't see the hills, its raining, if you can see the hills, its going to rain.

This year has been bad with a lot of flooding. We had a hail storm this morning, it was pretty cold.
That said, on the good nights, we are Bortle 4 here and the sky is pretty amazing. If only it was legal to shoot street lights out Smile

RE: Close Approach of 2022 OE2 - bigmasterdrago - 2022-08-01

LMAO and ROFL with that comment about seeing the hills. Our summer here has been about normal with a few 100+ days. One was 108! Our seeing gets really good during this time of the year so good on high power views of planets, double stars and planetary nebulae. But you sweat (high dew point), swat mosquitoes, and fight dew.

I passed on mentioning OE2 since it was not going to reach what I considered close to bright enough.

RE: Close Approach of 2022 OE2 - PMSchu - 2022-08-01

I include fainter objects for the southern hemisphere because Dennis can capture them with his imaging system when the weather cooperates. He's imaged Neriad at fainter than 17th magnitude already.

Phil S.

RE: Close Approach of 2022 OE2 - ledge1962 - 2022-08-01

I seriously need to get a camera for the scopes. I have an old 1980s fork mounted Meade 2120B 10in SCT that has a motor drive that you plug into the mains lol. The views are fantastic, but it is very prone to vibration at the slightest touch. It would be great for a camera otherwise. 
My other two are goto Dobs so not the best for tracking with cameras. I was considering getting a new mount for the SCT but as it weighs arond 20kgs, it would be a very expensive investment to photograph clouds and rain Smile

RE: Close Approach of 2022 OE2 - PMSchu - 2022-08-01

You could hire out your services to farmers during droughts  Wink.

Phil S.

RE: Close Approach of 2022 OE2 - ledge1962 - 2022-08-03

You are right Phil, all I need to do is buy a new piece of equipment and it will rain for a month... The farmers would be very happy.  Not sure about this 100+ BMD, my scopes would start sweating.