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ST4 Filters - Twah_Pisto - 2022-06-20

Hey Greg

Just was thinking about different filters Broadband, Narrowband, OIII, HA, etc filters for ST4 and if we define the wavelength's like the cameras in Imaging, that ST4 V could suggest the type of filter to use? Not sure how much would be involved or if it would be possible for ST4 to do that with the objects and all.    And was thinking it could be used for Imaging as well.

Just thinking

RE: ST4 Filters - theskyhound - 2022-06-20

Hey Mike,

This is something I am working toward. A few things have to fall into place first, but eventually ST4v should be able to predict the view through the basic visual narrow band filters, such as H-Beta and OIII. Unfortunately H-Alpha emission lies outside of the eye's ability to easily see though. I also want to be able to handle the effect of light pollution filters, which should be cool.

RE: ST4 Filters - Twah_Pisto - 2022-06-20

Ahhhh I should have figured you were already pondering this feature Greg! If you can mimic the effect, that'll be amazing! This is why you are awesome and ST is the best.

Keep up the great work.