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Supernova 2022an in Centaurus - PMSchu - 2022-02-15

There's a bright supernova in NGC 4645B in Centaurus. According to the updated Current Bright Novae & Supernovae Observing List in ST4 Visual this Type I SN is 0.3 magnitude. If you're not checking this OL regularly, you might want to do so. The Dec is -41° so it's pretty far south.

Phil S.

RE: Supernova 2022an in Centaurus - theskyhound - 2022-02-15

Phil, this isn't real. SN 2022an is currently magnitude 16. Sadly, its not possible for an extragalactic supernova to be as bright as 0.3 magnitude. Looking at the magnitude history for this object in SkyTools, I see that there was a magnitude of 0.0 read from the Bright Supernovae observations page on February 9. This is an obvious error, but it isn't one easily recognize by the code, because it is possible for a galactic supernova to be magnitude zero.

This is the source of the supernovae magnitudes:

Always a good idea to check the source.

RE: Supernova 2022an in Centaurus - theskyhound - 2022-02-15

Also, this isn't something I can easily fix. I can update the current supernovae list, but once the errant value find its way into your supernovae/novae database, I don't have an easy way to reach out and fix it. If you want to fix it yourself, remove the magnitude zero observation from the entry in the supernova database.

RE: Supernova 2022an in Centaurus - theskyhound - 2022-02-15

Its fixed now. The next time your supernovae/novae list updates it will have the correct data. Sorry for the trouble.