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2021 TT13 - bigmasterdrago - 2021-10-15

Another really close approach not discovered until a day after. Most likely due to the proximity of the Sun. A real screamer moving over 55'/min! Faint (14th) and incredibly close (49,097Km) at 22:16CDT Oct.10. Orbit uncertainty was 7 but there were 14 observations over a 3 day period (Oct 11-14) - ATLAS-HKO, Haleakala, Visnjan Observatory, Tican, and Kitt Peak. Where were we? Crazy stuff!

RE: 2021 TT13 - PMSchu - 2021-10-15

Looks like it was discovered after my Oct 10 download of NEA Today from the MPC. Today's download showed 26.7k MPs added to the DB: [attachment=2049]

It won't even be within 0.05 AU on Oct 17, so going, going, GONE.

The MPC is now using epoch 2022 Jan 20.

Phil S.