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SkyTools 4.0j Release 1 update notes - theskyhound - 2021-03-13

Hello everyone,

The version 4.0j R1 update is now ready. You will be prompted to update when you start SkyTools 4, or you can force the update by clicking the Check For Updates button on the Updates, Registration, and Feedback dialog, accessed via the top level Setup menu.

A lot of work has been done on the Imaging Scheduler and Imaging Database Power Search. I also updated the code that reads filter file data so it is much more forgiving of the data entered, and it offers more useful error messages.

SkyTools 4 Visual users should be aware of a bug found in the Backup/Restore feature. The links to plottable images could be lost when restoring a backup made on another computer. If you have seen this problem, restoring a previous backup will now restore your plottable image links correctly.

There are a lot of minor updates as well. For the list see:

RE: SkyTools 4.0j Release 1 update notes - Bertrand Laville - 2021-03-14

Thank you very much, Greg, for the "not seen" added in the difficulty reporting option !