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Posting Policies

(1) Discussion on the SkyTools specific forums is limited to SkyTools only. Please don't refer directly to competing products unless they are used in conjunction with SkyTools. Posts to the observing forums don't need to have anything to do with SkyTools

(2) There are benefits to registering. Registered users can access the SkyTools 4 forums, participate in Beta testing, start new threads, and post replies.

(3) Respect for all members must be shown at all times.

(4) Criticism, dissent, and argument is allowed and even encouraged, but it must at all times remain respectful; no personal attacks of any kind will be tolerated. "What you said is wrong" is very different from "You are wrong." The second is personal, the first is not. Please be aware of this difference when posting. Don't appear to make a personal attack and don't take criticism of your ideas personally.

How to Get Support

If you are having a serious problem such as a crash, or have found a bug or an error, there are several ways to contact us. We do fully support SkyTools.

Always include the SkyTools edition and version!  This is displayed on the About SkyTools dialog in SkyTools 4. Regardless of where you report the problem please be as specific as possible. In particular, be sure to describe the tool, dialog or window where the error occurs, what error messages were reported, if any, and what action you took prior to the problem. Memory dumps are not necessary.

1. Use the support forum here. Posting a screen capture is often the quickest way to resolve a problem. Other users may help with minor issues, but this forum is also closely monitored by the SkyTools developer and he will respond.

2. Contact our support directly by filling out our support form

3. Use the Feedback form from within SkyTools. This is found via the top level menu in SkyTools 4. Be sure to provide a valid return email address.

If Discord is more your thing, you can also find us there: