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Corrupted Minor Planet Database During Monthly Update
(2020-01-04, 09:03 AM)Dennis Wrote: Hi Greg
I deleted the “Current MP List” via the Target List and also the MP Database via the “Cleanup / Delete” Button in the Minor Planet Database Panel and then Imported the Current MP List.
When I launched ST4, the Update Splash Panel displayed and it quickly ran through the updates to the Comets and Nova Target Lists, but took over 30 mins to update the MP List.
After closing ST4 and then re-launching, all appeared normal.

It would be nice if the User could turn off this auto-update and manually choose to update the Current Lists as a separate action once ST4 has opened.

At the moment, when I launch ST4, the Splash Screen takes control of my display (I cannot even move it) and when a long update is taking place, I cannot really use the PC as if a Window opens behind the ST4 Splash Screen, I cannot access that Window until the ST4 update has completed.

As already mentioned you can turn the subscription off. But the real issue is the size of your database. If you have every minor planet downloaded then it is going to take a long time to add new orbits to that giant database. So really there are three ways to go:

1) Download all of the minor planets manually, as you have done, and disable your subscription to the bright ones that are updated once per month. After all, you already have them all. If you use this approach you will need to update your minor planet database manually every few weeks or months via the Minor Planets selection of the top level Data menu.

2) Download a reasonable number of minor planets rather than all of them. After all, do you really need every one down to 27th magnitude? At the very least limit them to only those that are numbered. Or by orbit type. There are a lot of options regarding minor planet downloads. Find one that works best for your needs. You may find that if you limit them in this way that the monthly update will only take a few minutes. You should repeat your download every few months or so to keep it up to date.

3) If you have only a casual need for minor planets, delete all of them and enable the subscription. It will take less than a minute to update each month with only bright minor planets in the database.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Thanks Phil and Greg for that information, something which I have overlooked.

Thanks also Greg for your more detailed explanation and step through of the various options, I should have trusted my gut instinct that you had already provided this capability in ST4. Smile



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