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Comet 2I/Borisov may soon be observable visually

I believe that the first interstellar comet may soon be observable visually in larger amateur instruments. This conclusion is based on recent magnitude and coma diameter measurements from images. To the best of my knowledge nobody has yet detected it visually, but of course the moon has been interfering. My calculations indicate that as soon as November 21 we should be able to get a good look at it, and it may be visible in apertures as small as 8-inches (under a dark sky and to an experienced observer). It should be visible in a 16-inch or larger scope.

It will be in Leo and available in the hours before sunrise from most locations. I plan to have a go at it in my 18-inch Dob. 

I have added 2I/Borisov to the the SkyTools 3 current comets list. The "I" designation is not yet supported in SkyTools 3 (thought I'd have a little more time before an interstellar comet came along!) so it is listed as C/2019 Q4 (2I Borisov) for the time being. As soon as a visual observation is posted I will update the Current Comets list with more accurate magnitude, coma diameter, and degree of concentration data, which will allow for more accurate visual difficulty estimates.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
It may just be worth noting if anybody uses ST3 to download comet elements into the Argo Navis DTC that it cannot handle this comet and indeed breaks the whole system so you need to play about with the boot loader to get the user objects deleted.

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