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Read this first before reporting a problem!

Anti-virus software can pose a threat to the stability of SkyTools. Those affected report more of less random malfunctions, from not being able to access the built-in list of eyepieces, to apparently losing all of their observing lists.

There appears to be is a push to protect your computer from Ransomware. If Microsoft's approach is any indication, the idea is to protect your personal folders, such as Documents, Pictures, etc., from being accessed by potentially malicious apps. Unfortunately, what "potentially malicious app" apparently translates to is any app not developed by Microsoft or one of its large corporate partners.

Windows Defender now has a Ransomware feature. If enabled, it will block the access of SkyTools to its own files, causing it to stop working correctly. So if you enable it, be sure to also add SkyTools to the list of trusted apps.

This article explains how to do this:

It seems to me that it is only a matter of time before this Ransomware feature in Windows Defender is enabled by default, which will wreak havoc with SkyTools.This also explains the new attention that is being given to files in your Documents folder by other anti-virus apps. 

OneDrive can be a blessing or a curse. The default behavior of OneDrive is to back up all of the data in your Documents folder to the cloud. With this feature enabled, a OneDrive version of your Documents folder is created and your SkyTools files are stored there. This is done seamlessly for the user. As a result, your custom SkyTools files are backed up to the cloud. They can also be shared between computers.

One problem that can occur is if your Documents folder is very large, filling your OneDrive past its quota. If this happens it is easy to purchase more cloud space from Microsoft, but very difficult to disable OneDrive and keep using your SkyTools files.

Another issue is the delay in copying files from one device to another. If SkyTools is started on a second computer and some of the files from the first have been updated, but not all, this could potentially cause random problems and could even result in data corruption.

SkyTools stores its custom user files in Documents so that people can find the files easily when they are needed for support purposes. I would have placed them into the AppData folder instead, but that folder is hidden from users in basic versions of the OS, making it a pain to explain how to enable access to it.

I am considering moving the SkyTools folder from Documents to AppData in order to avoid the heightened scrutiny of the Documents folder. If you have comment or concerns about this, please share them.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

I have experienced similar issues as well. Please proceed with the process of moving documents to the AppData area. Might consider putting out a notice after doing so explaining to SkyTools owners how to access these files after the upgrade.
Himesa Observatory

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