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Neptune, Triton, Nereid and a couple of Asteroids
I used SkyTools 4 to locate Nereid a magnitude 18.69 moon of Neptune over 2 nights (01 and 03 Sept 2019) and was also pleased to find a couple of Asteroid trails on the 03 Sept images which SkyTools 4 identified for me.

I have overlayed the 01 and 03 Sept frames and replaced the Neptune/Triton pair with single frames from each session that were not blown out. These accurately depict the relative position of Triton mid-way through each session.

How good is SkyTools 4 Imaging. Smile 

Nereid is the third largest of Neptune’s moons, and the second to have been discovered. It was discovered on 1st May, 1949 by the Dutch American astronomer Gerard P. Kuiper (for whom the Kuiper Belt is named) using photographic plates from the McDonald Observatory in Fort Davis, Texas.



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Hi Dennis,

This really made my day! Thank you for sharing it. People sometimes seem to think they need to ply me with platitudes, especially when they are asking for something, but that often just makes me uncomfortable. Seeing how people are using SkyTools, now that makes me happy!
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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