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Imagin Project idea
Hi Greg. A question
I would really like to see and overview of my project when I'm doing imaging projects. We have now our four TAB windows on the project (Basic Properties, Composition and tiles, Exposure goals and filters, Observations) but I really think it would be useful a 5th TAB called Overview or something. Although I can see what are the expected goals in times are in the Exposure Goals and Filters I think it would be a good addition the new TAB where SkyTools shows what to expect to complete 100% my project, how will my exposures look in an average night to get to 100%. Like I don't want to know that I have to imagine 3 hours my target with my filters I want to know that to go to the desired results on an average night to get to the indicated time I need to shoot 100x120s or something with my L filter. And also this TAB would take into account my observation logs too, so if I have completed my project 60% than I can know what is the remaining time with exact exposures.

That's a good suggestion. This kind of status probably belongs on the Observations tab though, assuming I can make enough room for it.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Yes, I was thinking about that too, but I thought there is not to much space in there. Maybe if you could move the Notes RichTextBox around somewhere?

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