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IQ filter & the Q column in Target Selection
Hi Greg,

The value of the IQ filter under Night Filters (which is supposed to be better-or-equal than the value chosen in the drop down box) appears to be replicated in the Q column instead of the real value. 

  • If I don't enable night filters, than the Q column contains the correct value (A, B, C, D or nothing), as expected
  • If I enable the filters and choose, say, C, than the list is shorter (as expected) but all the rows have 'C" in the Q column, no matter what they had before. See the attached "_c.png"
  • If I then choose B, than the list is even shorter (as expected) but all the rows have 'B" in the Q column. Even those who had C before.  See the attached "_b.png".
So it looks like when the filter is enabled, the filter value populates the Q column. I've converted the screen captures to B&W so they fit under the 500KB limit. 

Hi Razvan,

The operation of the IQ filter is set this way on purpose as described in a post from late last year (I believe). The IQ filter shows which objects meet or exceed the desired filter value & how long that occurs. It's intended to help choose a target that meets the desired IQ from all of the targets that do, even targets that are even better than the selected filter value. It's not a bug.

Phil S.

Hi Razvan,

See the Skyhound's description of this issue in his 15 Nov 2018 post announcing the version 4.0c release.

Phil S.
Thanks, Phil, I read that announcement (link for convenience for other readers). I understand the logic now. As Greg thought, this is potentially confusing because it's unexpected. I did read the help methodically in the past but this detail did not register. One way perhaps to aid it is to rename the column to something like Q* when night filtering is enabled and changing the tooltip text with something hinting about the change or pointing to the help.

Thanks for the suggestions!
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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