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Errors while updating list data: "pow: OVERFLOW error"
I started Skytools 4.0d, did nothing (I had switched to another app), then a few minutes later I noticed the pop-up box with "pow: OVERFLOW error".  The status bar shows "Updating list data" and the progress bar bottom-right is about 1/4 filled. 

I clicked ok on the message, it came back immediately a few times, then a different error, "log10: SING error". I clicked ok, got again the first error, then the second, then the first, then the second and after a few cycles, updating the lists continued and finished. The app continued to run. Not sure if these errors are logged anywhere with a stack trace.

The filters active at the time can be seen in the attached capture.

If I can help with anything debugging it, should it occur in the future, let me know.

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Errors while updating list data: "pow: OVERFLOW error" - by razvan - 2019-06-02, 10:57 PM

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