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Errors while updating list data: "pow: OVERFLOW error"
I started Skytools 4.0d, did nothing (I had switched to another app), then a few minutes later I noticed the pop-up box with "pow: OVERFLOW error".  The status bar shows "Updating list data" and the progress bar bottom-right is about 1/4 filled. 

I clicked ok on the message, it came back immediately a few times, then a different error, "log10: SING error". I clicked ok, got again the first error, then the second, then the first, then the second and after a few cycles, updating the lists continued and finished. The app continued to run. Not sure if these errors are logged anywhere with a stack trace.

The filters active at the time can be seen in the attached capture.

If I can help with anything debugging it, should it occur in the future, let me know.

That kind of error usually means that there is some sort of data corruption somewhere. If you select Refresh list from the Target List menu does it go through all the calculations without an error?

The really weird thing is this happened all by itself. Normally the calculations are done once and you need to change a setting for it to happen again. Otherwise its just sitting there. So that has me rather baffled.

Let me know if this keeps happening or if you see any other problems.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
I'll watch for it and if it happens again, try to reproduce it. I'm not bothered by it, just intrigued (as a programmer). By the way, is there a way to enable an error log with stack traces for similar cases, so you'll have full details? I've seen the "log10: SING error" last week as well, don't remember the exact steps, I understand somewhere it's trying to calculate the log of 0 hence the error.

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