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Cannot change observing location
I am unable to change the observing location from the main form.

I have entered my home location, but both the drop down and 'wheel' are unresponsive when I attempt to click it (Mesa Redonda Observatory is displayed)

Additionally, when I click the Target List drop down, the Auto Generated Lists folder appears with a plus sign before it, but will not expand.

I have re-installed to no avail.

Can you please help?

David Diaz

The observing location is part of the imaging system that you have selected. It can be the default location to select when you choose that imaging system, or for some imaging systems the location is fixed, and thus it naturally cannot be changed. Select Imaging Systems from the top level Setup menu. Select your imaging system and remove the check box next to "Fixed" under default location.

The Auto Generated lists folder is simply empty. Targets lists are added to this folder only after certain actions, such as downloading the MPC Observable Comets (which is not normally necessary).
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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