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Real time telescope control.
I am trying to establish real-time control between ST3 Pro and my LX850 mount. The ASCOM Dome Control Panel indicates the Dome and Scope are connected, but when I try to connect to to mount through Telescope Control and Connect to Telescope, all I get is an ASCOMDome error "Object variable or With block variable not set." Please see attachment screen shot. Does anyone know what that means? Thanks, Steve.
Hi Steve,

Have you tried it without connecting to the dome?

Sometimes uninstalling ASCOM entirely and reinstalling will resolve problems.

ASCOM problems are often caused by:

1. A bad cable
2. Driver issues with a serial to USB or wifi connector
3. A mismatch between the telescope driver and mount firmware

You may need to take this to ASCOM or a forum for your mount, as ASCOM from the point of view of SkyTools is a black box.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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