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M102 "Unable to Schedule"
Hi Greg,

UPDATE:  I found the problem.  The Progress status in the Scheduler page shows 80%, but the Progress in the Project dialog shows 100% on all filters.
So the issue appears to be that the % completion being used by the Scheduler was not updated when the Project completion status was updated ??
I did close and restart ST4 but no changes in % completion in the Scheduler tab.


Here's another head scratcher (I know you look forward to these :-) ).

M102, tonight.  Night bar in the Scheduler shows great imaging for M102 almost all night, bright green bar.

"Unable to schedule" message showing in the bottom "filters" window.

Other oddity - the blue imaging quality line extends at a high value well into daylight - but if you hover the mouse over the nightbar, it says completely dark to 4:47AM so some aspect of ST4 knows what time night 

M63, right above M102 in the list, shows a similar night bar but it can be scheduled.


Let me know if I can provide any other info to help you figure this out.  

Hopefully not a dumb mistake on my part but I've stared at this a while and I can't see anything.

Hello Rowland,

The IQ line isn't calculated by the Nightbar in this case. It is stored with the data for the project (basically the project list on the left). I suspect that the data for the project needs to be recalculated. I have seen similar problems, but they are very fleeting and hard to catch. There isn't a direct way to force the projects to recalculate, but we can do it by changing the date on the planner. Let it run through the calculations until finished. Then switch the date back to the one you want.

If that doesn't fix it, try changing the date and the imaging system. Wait for everything to calculate, then switch to the Target Selection tab. Come back to the scheduler, change the imaging system, wait to complete, then change the date back.

I have been chasing this one for over a year, so if you have any insight I'd appreciate it.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Hi Greg,

Sorry for the delay in getting back on this, I forgot to "follow" the topic.

I tried your suggestions (both of them) but they didn't fix the problem. The M63 night bar shows good conditions (green) two hours before nightfall, and the blue quality line is near the top in broad daylight. M102 has the correct starting time (after dark) but still says "unable to schedule" even though the night bar is bright green.

Would it help to send you my ST4 data files?


It seems like there are multiple problems here. Obviously its not normal for a galaxy to be observable well after the sun comes up. If that doesn't clear by changing the date, etc., then I suspect that has to do with your camera or filter data.

For M102 please open the imaging project and send me a screen capture of the Observation tab.

Open the Imaging Systems dialog and use the Save button to save your imaging system as a .stx file and send it to me.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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