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ST4i v4.0d Fatal Error & Crashes
Hi Greg,

I was using the v4.0d program last night and I experienced the 'Fatal Error & SkyTools will Close' error message. I was using the Exposure Calculator to evaluate C/Iwamoto opportunities & enjoying the updated camera lens functionality. I opened the atlas from the EC, then opened the camera view. I selected the 50mm f/1.4 lens. The Camera view began to draw, then the error box came up & ST4i closed after I clicked the 'OK' button. Screenshots of the Windows Event Viewer window for the fatal error are attached. Actually 2 errors appeared in the Event Viewer about 2 seconds apart.

I restarted ST4i v4.0d again & it opened fine. When I selected C/Iwamoto in Target Selection & pressed 'e' to open the Exposure Calculator, the program closed with no error message displayed. Being stubborn I tried again with the same result. Selecting P/Wirtanen, then pressing 'e', the EC opened, as expected.

This morning I opened ST4i again, selected C/Iwamoto  & opened the atlas by pressing 'a' on the keyboard. It opened as expected. I right clicked & selected 'Exposure Calculator' from the menu - no problem. When I tried to open the EC from Target Selection using the 'e' shortcut, the program closed again giving no error message. Screenshots of the 2 errors in the Event Viewer are attached.

I hope this helps you find the issue. It looks like there may be error logs with more info. Let me know if they'd be helpful & I'll get them to you.

Phil S.

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Hi Greg,

I noticed that you told BrianR777 in the ST4i Discussion Forum to email a zip file for the error that he experienced. Should I do the same thing if I experience another 'Fatal Error'? Was the info that I posted from the 'Event Viewer' sufficient to help diagnose the problem?

Phil S.

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