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ST4i screen too big
While trying to setup a new imaging system to a new install of ST4i on a laptop I ran into this problem.

When I tried to add a new camera, the Edit Camera Data window was too large for my display so that I could not see the bottom row of buttons to complete the edits. A screenshot is attached. I could not drag the Edit Camera Data window up far enough to see the bottom row of buttons. Also, I could not resize the Edit Camera Data window.

I had ST4i in fullscreen mode and the Windows Task Bar was hidden at the bottom of the screen. My screen size is 1920 x 1080.

I had to kill ST4i is order to continue doing anything else.

Please look into this.

Greg Jones

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I am about to release an an update that makes this dialog shorter. But it should already fit on a screen that is 1080 pixels high. Please check to see if your screen and text items have been enlarged, which also increases the size of the dialog.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Yes, the Scale and Layout is set to 150% in the Display Setting window. My eyes are getting old...
I am running Windows 10.

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