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Another Visual Sky Simulation issue?
(2019-03-11, 12:41 PM)theskyhound Wrote: Hello,

That's not a limitation of SkyTools itself, but because all of the available deep star catalogs intentionally mask out the centers of globular clusters. There are too many stars and they overlap too much to get good positions for them. I will be rebuilding the star database from the Gaia catalog in the future, but I have not yet checked to see if they did the same.

Thanks Greg

(2019-03-11, 06:37 PM)PMSchu Wrote: Hi Chris,

If you download one of the Palomar Sky Survey (PSS) images for a bright globular cluster, you'll see that the center of the cluster is 'burned out' with no resolvable stars. Images like this are the starting point for many of the star catalogs & if the core of the cluster is 'burned out', the stars can't be identified individually.

As Greg said, the newer catalogs may not have this limitation.

I hope this helps,

Phil S.
Thanks Phil
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