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How to schedule an iTelescope for multiple objects?
Hi Greg,

I took another stab at the Scheduler this morning. I reduced the exposure time to 1 min/filter and set a max exposure of 5 sec for Wirtenen. I also changed the mode from SNR to Exposure Time on the top left of the Exposure Goals tab. The 'Equ. Exp.' in the 'Filters' area still reads '--'. The moon is now interfering with Dangrieser and tonight will be the last shot for a while. Last night the weather had all of the northern hemisphere  iTelescopes out of action - Spain due to ice despite the cloudless night Sad . I remember observing in the winter with my Odyssey 1 dob and having frost on the tube. No electronics to mess up on that scope though Wink .

I scheduled each object individually and the Scheduler provided the schedule attached:

After scheduling all 3 objects the Scheduler looks like this:

The Scheduler didn't perform the 3 observations requested for astrometry for either asteroid. It did do that for some of the schedule runs a few days ago, maybe there's not enough time to fit them in or the objects aren't moving fast enough.

What is involved in the calibration process, since iTelescope doesn't have calibration data for 5 sec exposures? Are these the darks, flats and bias frames that the image processing programs use?

The schedule looks like it could be used in its present form, so I think I'm much further along in this process. Thanks for your help,

Phil S.

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