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How to schedule an iTelescope for multiple objects?
Hi Greg,

I've noticed that 46P has been problematic due to its brightness. I did see the dashes in the 46P Imaging Project, but it didn't register that there would be problems. Note to self: 'Dashes = future problems with the Imaging Project', eliminate them at this stage. The Exposure Calculator doesn't like 46P either. Many times the EC's 'Calculate SNR for Exposure' section reports 'Aborted' for 46P. For T05 tonight the EC estimates SNR=1000 for a 60 sec exposure. The estimated signal is 67e^6 ADU!! That looks a bit excessive  Wink . I know that exposures can be <60 sec for the iTelescopes, but they warn about the effects of camera read-out time. I'll talk with Dr. Sasse about this during my tutorial on Monday (14 Jan 2019). What are the problems associated with uncalibrated exposures, if any, for simple LRGB imaging? If they're negligible, I could drop the exposure time into the 1-5 sec range.

From your previous post I can see that there are a lot of capabilities of ST4i that I'm not using effectively/properly. I need to reread TFM now that I understand more of what's going on. Especially regarding the Scheduler which I glossed over.

The idea of scheduling scope time weeks in advance is totally foreign to this Ohio boy! The weather around Columbus is some of the worst in the country for clouds. OSU didn't move the Perkins 69" scope to Flagstaff for nothing  Smile .

The iTelescopes require a 4 hr notice for making/breaking reservations. This is another subject for Dr. Sasse.

The steps that you listed in your previous post are very helpful. I did notice that the position of the right-click in the Scheduler make a big difference. I should have examined all of the columns to see what happens. I still don't see how I can remove an Imaging Project from the Scheduler window. I know it's Imaging System dependent, but I can envision the window filling up with old Imaging Projects that I can't remove unless I delete the project itself. Just putting an x in the S column still leaves the project on the list. Again, maybe I've missed something in the instructions.

Thanks again for all your help, I'm making progress,

Phil S.

P. S. This forum requires approval of a moderator for my posts to appear, unlike the actual SkyTools forums. Good to have activity in the other forums though.

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