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How to schedule an iTelescope for multiple objects?
Hi Greg,

I replied to your message on 12 Jan last night then forgot to push the 'Post' button  Blush . 

I wonder if the initialization issue is related to the observation that I had to click the 'Expose for' button twice in the Exposure Calculator to get the EC accept a change to an 'Expose for' choice.

Thanks for info about the calibration files. Except for scientific work the difference between a 60 sec dark and a 5 sec dark should be negligible, especially on a cooled CCD camera on a bright object. I'll confirm that with Dr. Sasse tomorrow.

Thanks for all your help,

Phil S.
Hi Greg,

I had a great iTelescope tutorial with Dr. Sasse today. After an hour I was pretty saturated with new information. I forgot to ask about the difference between 5 sec & 60 sec dark frames (if any).

I managed to create an Imaging Project for the main belt asteroid (10483) Tomburns for T18 in Spain for 0300 Spain time tonight using ST4i and make a scope reservation. I've attached the observing plan in case you'd like to see it. Just something simple for starters

Thanks again for your help,

Phil S.

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.txt   iTelescope T18 2019 Jan 14 0303 (Tomburns).txt (Size: 494 bytes / Downloads: 2)
Thanks for the update, Phil.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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