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Feature request : curated list of equipments
I would have expected to find a curated list of equipments to begin with.
The idea of having users enter and submit their own equipment is nice but error prone.
At least characteristics of the sensors would help a lot to get up to speed quickly.
I look forward to seeing how this product develops over time towards ease of use.
Thanks in advance.

In fact, there is a growing list of curated equipment data, so I feel it is a unfair to claim otherwise, particularly given how much time and effort it has taken to create it. I am sorry that some specific piece of your equipment is missing.

All you need to do is tell me the make/model of whatever equipment you need and I will do my best to come up with the data.

Please understand that I am only one person. I have a lot to do. New equipment comes along every day, and people still use the old stuff. It is impossible for me to keep up with it and still do my primary job, which is to develop the actual software. Entering the data for even a single camera is sometimes not trivial. Hours have to be spent searching the web, manufacturers must be contacted, graphs have to be digitized. I am only one person.

I can't anticipate every piece of equipment. It is quite literally impossible. No matter how much time and effort I put into adding data, there is always one more person who comes along and claims I have not done enough. Crowdsourcing the data is a very good way to supplement what I have provided, and I hope that should you enter the data for any of your equipment yourself that you will consider sharing it.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Hi Greg
Was not aware you're the only guy on board, so please accept my apologies and sorry for my impatience Sad
I do understand it must be a difficult task to compile all that information, especially in your case.
My thought was that there are frequently-used sensors and many more CCDs out there in the field; but most CCDs make us of one of them - it should help reduce the effort.
For example, Moravian G2 8300 camera uses a KAF-8300 sensor, as several other brands, like Atik.
I personally use a DSI Pro II for guiding and a Moravian G2 8300 MKII for imaging.
I shared / submitted their data in the software.
Hope this helps,
King regards

Yes, I am working on updating the detector spectral response data. This involves taking what we have collected for individual cameras and adding them to the detector database. I will do this every few months and it time we should have pretty good coverage.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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