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Create New Project, Stuck on Exposure Goals Tab due to Duplicate Project Name
Hi Greg,

I have an existing project named Bubble Nebula for imaging system "A."

1)  Highlight Bubble Nebula in the Target Selection panel, right click and select Create New Imaging Project
2)  Select Imaging System "B" and Observing Program "DSOs"
3)  Click Exposure Goals and Filters
4)  Select at least one filter
5)  Click Basic Properties - get an error popup about duplicate project name
6)  Catch-22 - we have to get to the Basic Properties tab to edit the project name, but the error popup won't let us navigate to that tab

Of course the workaround is to change the project name before you leave the Basic Properties tab, but we should probably pop up the error about the duplicate name when we first try to leave that tab.

Hi Rowland,

That's really weird. You aren't supposed to be able to open any of the other tabs until the name is unique on the Basic tab. I had this happen just yesterday. Something slightly out of the ordinary must be going on. I may have some questions for you.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Hi Greg,

Where there's code, there's weirdness :-) ! Good luck tracking it down and standing by for possible questions...


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