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Add Observation - FITS File Read OK but says 70.3 deg from target
Hi Greg,

I found that the Read FITS Header function under Add Observation is able to read some of my FITS files, and it is a nice time saver.

When I read the header of a subexposure of M13, it raised a couple of errors - none of which prevent me from using the "Add Observation" function, but still might be of interest.  The FITS file was created by SGP.


1)  No location specified in header            In the FITS header, there is a field SITENAME = 'Blueberry Hill' (which corresponds to my ST4 site name), and also SITEELEV, SITELAT and SITELONG
2)  WARNING: not of image type light!      In the FITS header, there is a field IMAGETYP = 'Light  '
3)  Single frame 70.3 degrees from target  *** Error? ***      M13 is right in the middle of the subimage.  
     FITS header values are OBJCTRA = '16 42 24.783'  and   OBJCTDEC = '+36 28 14.681'

The FITS file is 32MB so if you need to see that, let me know and I'll send a Google drive link.

Hi Rowland. For some reason the FITS standard isn't as standard as it is supposed to be. So I need to look at these on a case by case basis. Please send me the link to FITS file.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Hi Greg - yes, FITS is a pretty loose standard... amazing it works as well as it does!

Here's a link to it on Microsoft OneDrive:!Ahsw-mssAatVkv9gz-JgTj2OLzwe-w

Hi Greg,

Here's another FITS file to check, generated by ACP / MaximDL. When "Add Observation" read the header from this, it reported "No Filter" was found. The FITS file has a FILTER keyword, which has the value of 'R ' - R with some trailing spaces. The value in ACP and ST4 is just 'R' so not sure if the trailing spaces are what messed it up.

Add Observation also reported 'No Location' on this one.!Ahsw-mssAatVk4ADDJMSNyUNDEonNQ


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