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How to report crashes?
What is the procedure to report ST crashes? Is there a log file to post or send?

For instance, after editing my imaging system config I couldn't get the imaging project to update as to FOV in the composition and tiles dialog, so I deleted the imaging project, but the project icon still showed. Trying to edit caused a crash.

I am sorry that you are experiencing a crash. At this point crashing is going to likely be caused by unusual circumstances (like the one you describe above). The most useful information for me, so that I may find and fix the problem, is to describe in detail the steps that lead to the crash. Please help me reproduce the problems by asnswer the questions below.

1. As I understand it, you edited your imaging system. What parts did you edit? Was the Imaging Project Still displayed at the time you edited the system?

2. Where did the program icon still show? E.g. On the Target Selection tool? On the Project Manager?

3. How did you attempt to edit the project? Where did you click to open it?

Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Let me try to reproduce but from memory:

1) I deleted an imaging project (by the way for the wrong reason. I thought the fov was wrong but it wasn't - my bad)

2) The P icon still showed for that target in the Target Selection dialog.

3) I'm a little fuzzy on what came next, I think I tried to edit it, and it brought up the PM Imaging Project Manager, empty. Maybe clicked on Open Project, then Done, Then create? Of course it's working now.

4) for editing I am right clicking on the target in the target selection and selecting edit image project
Thanks! That should give me enough to go on. BTW there are some issues with the P icon not being properly updated. I am working on that. But this is an issue with the Target Selection tool, not the project. Choosing Refresh from the menu should resolve it.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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