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setup for Williams Optics GT 81
the learning curve
have a WO GT 81 on an iOptron CEM25 using a Canon Rebel T3i
the info i find for the Canon does not match your required fields 
it is also known as a 600D, is there a match in the predefined camera pool?
regarding the iOptron is the CEM equal to the gem? (i appreciate the main difference is how the weight is distributed)
also the Edit Camera Data screen in window 10 on my laptop does not allow me to see the bottom where i assume the cancel save etc choices are. (have used escape to return)

I have created a Canon 600D camera and uploaded it. Look for it under the Browse Shared Cameras listing.

Yes, that is a GEM mount. A GEM need to worry about meridian flips.

Regarding the size of the Camera window, I did make it smaller in an update. Please be sure that you are running the latest version (4.0c). What is the screen resolution of your laptop?
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Lenovo Think Pad T440
resolution 1366x768
ST4 version 4.0c
Thanks. The Camera dialog is designed to be 766 pixels high, so it should fit. Do you have the fonts enlarged via Windows? That will make the dialog larger.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
moved the task bar to the side
now all buttons are available
thank you for the support

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