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Understanding the Exposure Calculator
Trying to make sure I understand what the Exposure Calculator is telling me.  

Here's what I got for NGC 1333 with my Esprit 120 / ASI1600MM / Ha Filter combination in the Exposure Calculator:


For the IQ of A, the Ideal Exposure is shown as 1 minute, which seems short for my typical Ha work with that imaging system.

In the Calculate SNR for Exposure panel, with Auto sub-exposure chosen, it says I would achieve total SNR of 31 with 65 exposures of 4 minutes - and 4 minutes is closer to what I typically use.

I'm trying to understand why the "Ideal Exposure" is 1 minute but the total SNR panel shows 4 minute exposures.  Which is ST4 suggesting I use?

Hi Rowland,

The Ideal Exposure is discussed at length in the Help. See the Help page for the Exposure Calculator, table columns.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Hi Greg,

That's very helpful, thanks! I did check the help before posting but completely missed the section that is under "Technical Information." Now the recommendations from the exposure calculator jive with my hands-on experience better.


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