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Observations Appearing in Fresh Imaging Project
I created a brand new imaging project and it already had some observations showing in it.

Steps I took:

1)  From the Target Selection window, click Add Object
2)  Browsed to ACO 1656
3)  Clicked Add to List using the default list that was selected in the dialog - "Completed" 
4)  Clicked Create Imaging Project
        Chose Observing Program = DSOs, Project Template = None
        Clicked Exposure Goals and Filters, chose my LRGB filters in the Filters dialog and SNR goal of 60 - Very High Picture Quality
        Clicked Observations and the dialog showed three observations pre-populated from an earlier Imaging Project I created


5) Clicked "Done" in the Imaging Project dialog and then "Done" in the Add Target dialog.  The new target was in my target list, but without the Project "P" white and blue icon, even though the correct imaging system was chosen in the Target Selection dialog.
6) Changed the Imaging system to a different one, and then back to the one I associated with the new project.  The Project "P" icon now appeared.
7) Clicked the project P icon and the Imaging Project dialog box appeared.  Clicked the Observations tab and the observations that were there before were gone.

So more of a cosmetic problem than a real one - the observations are appearing when I create a new project, but they disappear after closing and reopening the Imaging Project dialog.

Thanks Rowland! I will look into it.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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